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Keeping Cool Air Where It Belongs

Making sure your commercial coolers and freezers are working properly, therefore your food is safe. Grocery, food service, and other industries that rely on walk-in coolers need energy efficient units that work every day. Seal America, LLC, of Houston, Texas, will help you save money while offering peace of mind when it comes to your coolers. Our regular six-month maintenance plan catches potential problems before they take you by surprise. Regular inspections also lower costs by eliminating inspection citations, closures, and unscheduled service calls. When sudden problems with gaskets and seals threaten to interrupt your busy day, our bonded and insured specialists will be there to have your coolers back up and running in no time.

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About Us

At Seal America, LLC, we look for ways to help you save money. In the restaurant and convenience store industry, your commercial walk-in coolers and freezers are your lifeblood. We take care of health inspection issues by making sure that doors are sealing and functioning correctly and slide-out drawers are correctly sealed.

Eliminate the guesswork by having us assess your situation, measure accurately and order the proper materials. SA offers custom cooler gasket repairs and replacements at competitive prices, fixing problems caused by dry, cracked, and torn equipment. Our team also specializes in stainless steel welding and re-sealing so you won't be forced to buy new equipment. When you call SA for remodeling and rebuilding walls or partitions in your cooler areas, you can be sure that we'll install everything perfectly for many years of efficient service. At SA, our stated mission is to serve you in a prompt, professional manner while meeting or exceeding your expectations.



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