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Walk-In Refrigeration Units

State-of-the-Art Commercial Refrigerated Units

Get new ice boxes, cooler and freezer boxes in many different sizes from Sealamerica LLC, of Houston, TX. We can build ice cooler boxes inside or outside of your store in white, other colors, or galvanized aluminum. All commercial refrigerated units are energy efficient to save you money with a four or six-inch panel. Other features include diamond plate floors and ramps. Contact Oscar today for pricing.
Commercial deadbolt locking handles, commercial inside door releases, and commercial reinforced door frames with heavy-duty hinges are provided with all outside units we install.

Custom-Built Walk-In Floors

When you step into your cooler, does water come up between the floor seems? Perhaps freezer floors buckle from ice buildup? Sealamerica LLC can remove your old floor and replace it with a shiny new one. We offer diamond plate flooring and ramps and will custom make your floor to match any box.

Custom-Built Walk-In Doors

Poorly constructed or old, inefficient cooler doors let cold air out. Our expert technicians get your doors closing properly with new hinges or latches or perhaps a new door frame heater. If repair is not an option, we will custom build new doors. The doors are 36 X 78 inches, but we'll make them bigger as well.

Gaskets Made On-Site

Sealamerica LLC is fastest when it comes to gaskets, that's because we custom-make gaskets to size at your location. You'll never wait days or even weeks for gaskets to ship because we make them on-site, and they fit perfectly. Our gaskets are composed of plastics and magnets and will withstand the pressure of any doors.